Our Difference

our difference, brain and spine surgeons of new york
our difference, brain and spine surgeons of new york

AXIS to Care

At BSSNY, we’ve developed a protocol that helps us help our patients achieve their optimal goals. We call it the AXIS to Care and use it to help guide our patients on their personal journey to restored health, wellness, and vitality.


What is AXIS to Care? It is simply our promise to deliver an ideal patient experience.


You see, many of our patients come to us seeking not only a higher quality of care but care that is more convenient than what they can find in the city. Just minutes from Manhattan by train, taxi, or car, BSSNY is the exclusive choice for patients who want world-class neurosurgical care that is both personal and convenient.


Because to our patients, it isn’t just about getting well – it’s about empowerment and choice. To some, that means getting relief from the pain and anxiety. To others, it means having access to some of the best neurosurgeons in the world.


Regardless of how you define your surgical journey, the team at BSSNY is here to make it happen for you through our expertise, patient-focused attitude, and the most advanced technology available.





[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”281″ title=”Access”]We provide a full suite of world-class surgical care all under one roof.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”282″ title=”eXcellence”]We are committed to practicing the most advanced medicine.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”283″ title=”Integrity”]We never cut corners, period.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”284″ title=”Service”]Our network of surgeons provides personalized care to patients at all stages.[/image_with_text_over]

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